I am a Budapest-based visual artist, freelance media designer & full-time curious human-being,
always passionate about learning new things, meeting interesting people
& broadening my knowledge. Thanks for coming here & enjoy.

Who inspires me

Dan Perjovschi • Alvin Toffler • Erik Ries • Julian Assange • Aaron Swartz • Noam Chomsky • John Cage • Evan Roth • Eckhart Tolle • Osho • Vilém Flusser • Joseph Beuys • Mahátma Gándhí • Steve Jobs • Aaron Koblin • Jae Rhim Lee • Theo Jansen • Richard Bandler • Sir Ken Robinson • Seth Godin • Jim Jarmusch • Ryoji Ikeda • Bill Viola • Bill Mollison • Yossi Ghinsberg • Paul Stamets • Masanobu Fukuoka • Banksy • Sepp Holzer • Jacque Fresco • Nikola Tesla • Michel Foucault • Douglas Adams • David Allen • Albert Einstein • Kim Dotcom • Guy Kawasaki • Paul Arden • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry & many others have impact on how I think, live & what I do.

Vita Infinita

Personal startup, 2012 (ongoing)

VitaInfinita.org is a web application that allows users to connect with socially active relatives worldwide, crowdsource the family relationships, collect personal memories and organise them in a simple genealogy and timeline system for the future generations. If you find it interesting, subscribe your email to get notified when we launch. Feel free to tell your relatives and friends about us.

Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn

Mystery Film Experiment videoclip entry, 2012

I decided to participate on Mystery Film Experiment and direct a videoclip for icelandic band Sigur Ros. Enjoy! Your can find all Credits on vimeo.


Advertising campaign for the UNHCR refugee agency, 2012

The main idea is based on "IKEA style" furniture catalogues. Just instead of item's prices, the numbers mean something different - statistics.

Social Media Mandala

Interactive generative art, 2013 (ongoing)

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol of eastern religions, mainly Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas usually illustrate the universe and its geometric balance or harmony. The social media mandala project uses online participation by an audience and creates experimental visual material – so called mandalas of the digital civilisation. The software visualises ‘posts’ – data from participants sent to the Facebook fanpage – in the shape of a mandala. Each mandala is unique and leaves time-spatial digital traces of participants – co-creators of the works.
Post something on FB & become a part of the artwork. Code: Ondrej Makši

Abstract font generator

Documentation of real-time font generator, 2012

Abstract typography is generated in real-time reacting on music.
Build in VVVV

Software experiments

Documentation of real-time generative visual experiments, 2012

Several experiments with Windows background icons :
Icon mouse drawing tool - The icons are following the mouse path, so abstract experimental drawings and illustrations could be created on the background.
Experimental Icon Poetry - Experimental visual poetry created with randomly named icons.
Soundwave from Icons - Soundwave visualisation with background icons.
All Build in VVVV


Streetart project (transparent stickers interventions), 2012

A small reaction to the contemporary society and its definition of woman beauty, which we can observe everyday on advertising billboards or in magazines around us.


Society hack, 2012

Logo ReDesign of The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic as a reaction on several cultural decisions in Slovakia. The logo became viral and later was used as symbol of protests.

Slovak Pinocchio

Activistic website, 2013

The legendary fairy tale of Pinocchio and his miraculous nose is perhaps known to everyone. Pinocchio was created as a wooden puppet in a small Italian village by carver Geppetto, who dreamed that one day his creation will turn into a real boy. The story of fictional Pinocchio is known to the public mainly because of the wooden Pinocchio's nose, which grows when he lies or misleads. Now it is time to transform this story on real people - Slovak politicians, who are responsible for our state. SlovenskyPinocchio.EU was visualizing in real-time freely available data of Slovak politicians listed on the website in the form of a growing nose.
Code : Jonáš Gruska

Art Installations

#1 Because of me (2010)
Modified (sensors, speakers) chopped woods were installed in the park. Sounds of chainsaw were played in loop as a last memory / crying of the chopped trees until the unaware curious people entered the instalation as activists and stopped the music - Without people and their individual approach to activism, anything won't be solved and the woods will be cutted down forever.
#2 Change a role (2009)
It is very common that the politicians usually work with masses of people and control them like dolls in dolls-theater. In my installation the visitor can "change a role" and control (with the movements of body) a famous slovak nationalistic politician and dance with him in the style of hungarian twist.

Net Art

Visual experiments, 2010 (ongoing)

#net #mashup #internet #memes #web #socialmedia #culture #network #remix "Somewhere between offline & online, digital & analog, west & east, art & design, fun & boredom. "

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